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Terms and Conditions

eSolve eCommerce License Agreement
The eSolve eCommerce Software  is a proprietary software solution developed by 21 Digital Web Solutions cc using Open Source Technologies. The GPL / GNU Public License of these various technologies apply to both the vendor and to the end user. The eSolve eCommerce Software carries intellectual rights which may not be copied, installed as a stand alone installation at another Web Hosting Provider or Web Server or re-engineered in any way. The software cannot be purchased outright. 21 Digital Web Solutions provides the client the right to host an eCommerce website based on the eSolve eCommerce Software in an application hosting environment on 21 Digital Web Solutions Web Hosting Servers only and grants the client absolutely no access or rights to the source code, core operating files, design files or images used by the system.

Website / Graphic Design and Photography

Photo’s, company logo artwork and website content is to be provided by the client in a suitable format. Should the supplied graphic artwork or photo’s not be of satisfactory quality, the extra time taken to refine and / or make corrections will be charged for in addition to our quoted pricing.

Extra stock photographs,  video and / or audio footage costs if required will be transferred to the client accordingly.

Photography of items is not included in any of our costing structures. Please contract the services of a professional photographer in your area whose services will be for your account.

Population of online Catalogue / Stock Items (P.O.A.)

We offer an end to end solution, but also have engaged the philosophy to empower our clients through training to populate and manage their own eCommerce website through the user friendly eSolve Admin Control Panel.

It is difficult to determine exactly how long it will take us to manipulate X amount of product photo’s up front as this always depends on the quality of the photo’s provided, how many images require deep edging /  cropping / resizing and to manage the client’s expectations of the final product / quality.

We endeavor to always provide our best, but what we may accept as a final product may not always be what the client is willing to accept, resulting in more hours spent in meeting the client’s expectations.

Our quotations for this service is provided as a guide only !

SEO (Seach Engine Optimization)

The eSolve eCommerce platform is Search Engine Friendly in terms on search engine friendly links to all content, stock categories and stock items.

eSolve eCommerce has generic SEO built into the system by means of editable META TAG data fields and a keyword density calculator tool in the Content Management section of the Administration Control Panel for all content pages.

Secondly, each catalog item SEO is determined mostly by the ’Description’ field of the item, the more keyword descriptive the ’Description’ field is of each item, the better it should feature in Search Engine search results.

Thirdly, the system has a sitemap generation tool, submission of the sitemap.xml file to Google Webmasters is provided as an additional service.

Although the system has built in SEO tools, proper in depth SEO is provided as an additional service.

Custom Development (Custom Cart Layouts & or Custom Functionality)

We can only provide an accurate quote once a proper specification has been drawn up, documented and signed off by the client.

Custom development will be done on the eSolve eCommerce system if it adds to the greater good of the entire system and does not affect the normal operation of the system for the rest of the eSolve eCommerce existing and future clients.

Specific requests for new functionality will be considered, however the management of 21 Digital Web Solutions reserves the right to decline custom development requests.
Web Hosting Environment

The website files and database are hosted locally (in South Africa) at a Tier 1 Secure Data Center on MS Windows &  Linux Servers with an average up time of 99.9%

All Web Hosting, including eCommerce Hosting is subject to:

21 Digital Web Solutions cc reserves the right to transfer the clients website files & or email accounts to any web hosting server, local or international, for reasons including web hosting server resource management and web hosting cost managment.