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eCommerce Developed, Hosted & Supported in South Africa

In South Africa we generally do things a bit differently where the Internet is concerned. Many a South African will agree that when it comes to the internet, we are being "Americanized". This is no surprise as it is our American counterparts that brought us this vast and ever growing network we know and use today.

Since its inception back in the 1960, the Internet has developed to what can almost be described as a "human right". Web developers have for years been pumping software into and onto the network of which electronic commerce applications are the most popular as online trade is very often mistaken as being an easy business or way of making money. Because of the Internet’s origins and hence the popularity that grew fast and quickly in the US, the way business is done on the internet has been placed in a little box.

It is true that almost every cart solution will have the basics of displaying an item, adding items a "basket / cart" and then checking out with some sort of personal details attached to it. It is after all what online shopping cart systems was design to do - the little box.

However, upon closer inspection, what actually happens when an item is added to a shopping cart? Will the software be aware of the dimensions of the items added to cart? Does it know the weight or can it calculate the volumetric weight of the items added to the cart? When the user checks out, will he pay using his credit card and will that transaction be secure?

These are all aspects or logistical considerations that should be considered when contemplating running an online shopping environment and of-course, these are only a few mentioned.

We have studied and evaluated how the business person in South Africa does business looking at everything from delivery methods, payment gateway options for transacting using credit cards to even line of business and accounting software packages. We simply don’t have the integrability and backup support infrastructure that our American counter parts have become so accustomed to.

Not even mentioning the "trust" factor that is so closely associated with online trade.

In short:

The truth is, that many shopping carts attempting to sell products online are not well maintained, due to the shortage of skills and affordable support. We have dubbed this the "garage web gurus". How many website have tried and failed because the "guy that did the website" is no longer doing it?

The majority of South Africans do not have full trust in the internet yet. We are afraid our details will be stolen or sold to the highest bidder. Luckily for us, this is changing due to some considerable advances in web security technologies.

Many South Africans have never even used the internet despite the fact that they have Internet access directly from their mobile phones.

It simply is too labour intensive for business owners to maintain databases of merchandise online and in their accounting systems.

"Want to be" online traders tend to miscalculate the required backing of human resources and other required services such as delivery methods and payment methods.

The other huge concern is fraud. People are really scared of our Internet banking profile security being compromised or when we find out that our credit cards have been used to "kit" someone's living room with a large new television purchased fraudulently.

Internet Speed. No one on earth likes to wait. We want fast effective service delivery. Slow websites, because of bad software development and international hosting services are not helping our cause.

The answer to all of this is that the software you are going to use to trade online must take these factors into account as should the company backing it. We, here at eSolve eCommerce, are constantly improving what we can to better our software service offering to ensure that the above mentioned challenges are addressed in the best possible way. Advice is a phone-call away and so many of our clients are running very successful online stores due to solid software with good backup support.

How we address some of these issues:

We are locally based (Cape Town, South Africa). No time zone difference or cumbersome online support systems for websites hosted internationally. Phone us directly and get help fast.

We understand South African business challenges & processes. We know things are not as streamlined as we would like them to be,  yet. We have adapted to the South African online market and can show you how too whether wanting to sell online or simple showcase your merchandise.

Our software is locally developed and secured using the latest technologies. We don’t publish our source code that leaves many systems vulnerable to attack.

Our software is a web application and is updated regularly with new software enhancements ensuring that you are never left on some legacy version that is near impossible to upgrade. One single code base ensures consistency and product stability & sustainability.

Knowledge & Experience. We have been doing this since 2002 and have gained much knowledge & experience in an ever changing environment.

Marketing. No business can work without a proper marketing strategy.

Hosting. Our servers are in local state of the art data center's ensuring fast web content delivery and website response times.

Why choose eSolve?

  • We understand eCommerce

  • Your success is important to us

  • Friendly Efficient Service

  • Completely self manageable

  • Automation through various integrations

  • Dedicated Cloud based SaaS Platform
    Keeps your website on the latest version

What some of our clients say?

"Absolutely love your system. So far so good, it is so easy to use and without much training"

Mirjam, Educanda

"The website is really looking great and I am extremely positive about it and happy with it so far." 
Jeremy, The Bead Shop

"They have gone over and beyond the call of duty in building the foundation of this website, always patient and willing to teach..."
Inge, Closer2Nature

"They have won my confidence, otherwise I would most certainly not have awarded them the contract for re-writing a new website for us."
Andy, Omni Accounts

"I would just like to thank you for all your help. You have a great team of guys and really nice to work with."
Stephan Burger, Eye Cafe