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Omni Accounts eCommerce Integration

eSolve eCommerce extracts stock data directly from Omni Accounts and then publishes the stock data to your eSolve eCommerce website allowing clients to place orders directly online using updated stock information, including prices, stock levels, product descriptions and stock images.

The eSolve eCommerce ~ Omni Accounts integration essentially provides a visual catalogue representation of your stock inventory in Omni Accounts on an eCommerce website in catalogue mode or online ordering / shop mode.

All of this is made possible with the eSolve Update Centre Software that we install on your Omni Accounts Server. Once configured and scheduled, the updates happen in the background automatically.

The benefits of accounting software eCommerce website integration:

  • Maintain stock inventory in the accounting system only. Reduces the headache of maintaining or synchronizing stock databases in the accounting stock system and an eCommerce website platform. Website management is reduced dramatically.

  • Give website visitors a fairly accurate idea of your product stock levels & availability as well Out of Stock items.

  • Manage eCommerce website orders in the accounting system as Customer Sales Orders. The administration overhead of data capturing website orders is reduced dramatically, especially loading orders line item for line item. It also reduces the chance of data capture errors.

  • Post online website shop orders to corresponding Customer Accounts in Omni or to a General Web Shop Customer Account in Omni. Helps with Sales Order Reporting to get an idea of how many orders / sales are being processed from the online web shop.

The following stock data is extracted from the Omni Accounts database:

  • Stock Code. It is very important that your online stock codes correspond with your inventory stock system stock code.

  • Name / Description and Extended Description (Stock Memo field in Omni). These fields generally contains the informative information about the product.

  • Stock Level. We read the "Available Level" from Omni Accounts, i.e. - Main Level minus Items reserved on Sales Orders.

  • Stock Image. Omni Accounts can store stock images (Omni Stock Memo Field, left column). If the image is available in Omni Accounts, our software extracts the image and publishes the corresponding stock image to the website. Images are automatically resized to the various sizes required by the website.

  • Other Data such as stock item Weight & Dimensions can also be extracted from Omni Accounts Stock Data for shipping cost calculations.

Product categories & sub-categories:

It is important to link stock items to a Product Group & Product Category in Omni Accounts which translates to the eCommerce website Category & Subcategory product navigation.

The best way we can direct you with this is to try and visualize how your Product Grouping & Categorization would look like on a website menu. Or you could take a look through our eSolve eCommerce client website portfolio here to see how others have done it.

How are web shop orders processed?

The eSolve eCommerce ~ Omni Accounts integration imports online website orders into Omni Accounts Customer Sales Orders module as Sales Orders, simplifying your business processes even further.

Customer Account Information can also be synchronized with the eSolve eCommerce website Client Accounts section. This enables online orders to be imported as Sales Orders for specific Omni Customer Accounts. Once the order has been checked and finalized, the Sales Order can be quickly and easily converted to a Tax Invoice in Omni Accounts.

Is the eSolve Update Centre software secure, can it cause problems with Omni Accounts?

The eSolve Update Centre software is secure and only allows reading of information from the Omni Accounts database and manages the download of website orders from the Web Server.  No harm can be done in Omni Accounts by extracting data from the Omni Accounts database.

The updated stock information is submitted to our secure web servers via the software and is processed on our secure web servers.

How often does the stock update run?

The Omni Stock to Website update is scheduled to run at least once per day, however, the schedule is programmed according to every customers requirements.

It is not a "Live / Real-Time" stock update system as this puts too much overhead on the entire system.

The most frequent Omni Stock to Website update allowed is every 1 hour.

Basic Requirements:

  • A dedicated Omni Accounts User License with Admin rights. * An additional User License might need to be purchased.

  • Customer Sales Orders switch SF083

  • Omni Automation Switch SF187

  • Remote Desktop / Terminal Services access or TeamViewer access to your Omni Accounts server.
    * It is advised that your get your local I.T. Support experts to set this up.

Check your Omni Accounts Bundle & Switches to verify which Omni switches you have in bundle or have purchased separately in Omni Accounts or the Omni Control Centre.

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