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Omni Accounts Accounting Software

With 25 years of experience in the accounting software and ERP market, Omni Accounts stands head-and-shoulders above its competition.  Including a fully equipped report writer and a library of 250 pre-configured, user-definable reports, a custom report writer as well as the ability to generate pivot tables and graphs from within Omni Accounts, migrating your business onto Omni Accounts has never been a more obvious choice.


Omni Accounts offers the End-User a choice of 7 pre-configured bundles, each of which is carefully balanced to meet differing levels of sophistication. 

These bundles include:


End-Users are then able to customise their Omni Accounts software by selecting and activating any additional features (switches) which may not be included as standard in their base bundle.  These features exceed 200 in number, offering the End-User a wide choice and almost limitless combinations of functionality.

Vertical Markets

In addition to providing the End-User with a vast selection of individual features (switches) from which to choose, Omni Accounts have also identified four core areas which to exploit including:

Each of these areas include a combination of features, which when used together provide exceptional power for the End-User.

Omni Accounts eCommerce Integration

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