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Sub-Category Search (2013-03-07)
Our latest innovation assists website visitors navigate our client websites. The new sub-category search and list function greatly reduces the time-to-find on products. In Example, consider a client that has 15 categories, and each of that 15 categories has got a average of 10 sub-categories. That is a whopping 150 categories a client has to search through to find the product they are looking for often requiring the visitor to expand and collapse menus.

This new feature allows the vistor to view all the sub-categories on page and then enter a search for keywords they may be interested in.

eSolve does have a product search, but that sometimes only list products that actually have the keywords in their descriptions. It is often the case that new clients don't optimise their stock lists for web listings; a process  that can consume considerable resources and time. although optimisation on these stock / product lists is a must, the search functionality on sub-categories assists in the effort of locating products of interest.

To see the sub-category listing in action, please visit