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Price list per country (2011-11-04)
Selling to an international market has its challenges. One of those are currency conversions and pricing. You may want to be selling items to an foreign customer at a lower or higher price depending an a range of factors like packaging and exchange rate gain or loss.

The new module allows you to configure countries to whom you are doing business with. Upon registration, the user defines his billing address. The address is then used to determine which price-list should be displayed to the user. If the user hasn't yet registered, the default pricing for the home country is displayed unless pricing is hidden until the user logs in or registers as a new user.

Currency conversions are still applied on the pricing so your foreign online shopper can still view the price of an item in his or her own currency. Checkout is done in your local currency; therefor, when the client checks-out, the order is sent you in your currency as defined in the systems control panel.