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MyGate Enterprise Integration (2013-02-15)
Payment gateway integration is an integral part on the eCommerce transaction process. We have hand-picked suited Payment Gateway providers to integrate our eSolve eCommerce software too; one of which is MyGate.

MyGate offers two products in the payment gateway arena namely MyGate Virtual and MyGate Enterprise. Since day dot, we have integrated eSolve eCommerce with MyGate Virtual. It was time to extend that functionality. We have now also integrated to MyGate Enterprise.

MyGate Enterprise allows our system to talk directly to the MyGate Payment Gateway via a structured API or Application Interface. This means that the client now longer is required to login to the MyGate console in order to settle credit card payments. This speeds up and simplifies the process of receiving credit card payments online. The other advantage is that the website visitor is now longer redirected to the MyGate Payments page that is the case of MyGate Virtual. All the PCI compliance rules still apply with 3DSecure (Visa Verify and MasterCard SafeCard) technologies.

Implementing MyGate Enterprise in not to de-similar than implementing MyGate Virtual; only some security enhancements like SSL and a dedicated IP address is required to take advantage of this interface.

For more information on the MyGate Enterprise integration, please contact our sales department.