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Multiple Page Layout Options (2011-09-26)
We have enhanced the website layout options on the eSolve platform to allow the user to choose from a list of possible web page display options in which website content can be presented. This allows our clients websites to be customized with more than one web page layout, similar to this website.

Example, some pages do not show the 4 summary blocks below the top header section of the website, other pages do not include the right hand column etc.

Previously, if the layouts of multiple pages where different, the majority of the pages would have been consolidated to one layout often referred to as the website template, i.e. - most of the web pages would have the same structure or look and feel, for the CMS functionality to work properly.

The designer now has the freedom to create multiple layout options. Clients can then simply plug in selected content or modules to display according to the various web page layouts available in the CMS part of the Control Panel.