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Logic SMS Integration (2014-05-03)
We have recently integrated eSolve to the Logic SMS platform that allows the website administrator to send SMS messages directly from eSolve Control Panel to registered website users.

SMS's are created and logged on the eSolve platform Control Panel SMS Module and then submitted to Logic SMS via an integrated web services. The SMS status message received back from Logic SMS like "SENT" "DELIVERED" "FAILED" is updated locally on the eSolve platform Control Panel SMS Module for your convenience.

Logic SMS rates are among the best in South Africa (from 20c Ex VAT per SMS credit). You will need to register an account with Logic SMS and purchase prepaid SMS credits in order to make use of this functionality. SMS processing speed is also quite good.

In the future, the SMS module will be enhanced to allow users to reset passwords and activate account registrations via SMS. It will also form an integral part of our eSolve Client Relations Management module planned for release later in 2014.