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eSolve Dedicated Servers (2011-02-01)

To further improve the performance of the eSolve eCommerce Shopping Cart Software engine, we are migrating all eSolve eCommerce client websites to a new powerful fast dedicated server.

The new server is to be hosted in the state of the art Terraco Data Centre. Some development changes were also made to the eSolve eCommerce engine to further increase performance and security.

The major changes include:

  • Dedicated server ensuring that eSolve websites are hosting in the best  hosting environment with a lower contention ration of eSolve eCommerce websites.

  • Upgraded website server software platform from Microsoft IIS 6 to Microsoft IIS 7 resulting in speed, web server optimisation and security improvements.

  • mySQL database deployed on the same server, thus eliminating network latency issues with conencting to another database server.

Furthermore, we are now able to offer more web resources on our servers at the same cost.

Latest Update 08/02/2011:

Approximately 1/3 of our clients ecommerce websites have successfully been migrated, we plan to migrate the rest of the ecommerce websites by 28 February 2011.