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Customisable menus (2012-04-25)
Menus that link various content on a given website fulfills one of the most import aspects of any website - navigation.

Navigational items on a website is typically divided into three types namely header -, footer - and breadcrumbs menus. With the exception of a breadcrumbs menu - essentially showing the website visitor a summary of last pages visited, the header and footer menus must be define by the website designers.

 In a content managed website (CMS), the user has the ability to constantly add more content to their site. This content must be structured in a logical manner that the website administrator has access too. Our solution to this requirement is the eSolve Menu Manager.

The menu manager allows any content or module to be dynamically loaded via pre-defined menu structures. Depending on the complexity of the menu type selected during the design of the website, these menus can include unlimited nested menus. The items on the menu is also sensitive to the logged in state and access level of the user allowing the website administrator more control over published content.