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Control Panel Updated (2011-05-14)

Good news, we have made some new changes and enhancements to the eSolve eCommerce Admin Control Panel, if you have not noticed as yet.

Here follows a list changes and enhancements made and a screenshot:

  • Updated the Control Panel home page, added tabbed navigation on the Administration Main Menu and added quick access to the list of media articles content management section. Simply click on the orange arrow on the right to open / close the menu tabs.

  • Expanded the Content Management with more links to features and new functionality, such as:
    Media Groups, Document Assets, Menu Manager and Albums.

It would be great to receive feedback and reports of any problems that you might pick up.

As we publish major updates to the system, we update the eSolve Version number on the left at the top of the the eSolve eCommerce Admin Control Panel, the current version is now at version 63.