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Search Engine Friendly URLS

Note the URL in the address bar of your browser. The part after the last forward slash is what Search Engine Friendly URL or Links refer to. Link that are easily readable by the human eye. The same content displayed in this article can also be retrieved by replacing "" with "getmodule.php?identifier=module.sef.links&media_type=major&active=1". Not so easy to read, you'd agree.

Search Engines are designed to help humans sift through vast amounts of data in seconds. SEF links helps us as humans to quickly gauge from the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or website address whether or not the content it will lead too might hold interesting information. Search Engines have also started to place more emphasis on content identified by their link as they hold important keywords that matter allot when it comes to indexing content of a website or it's web pages.

Links or more importantly, the format that they are displayed in to the user has become a very important part in Search Engine Optimisation. It is for this very good reason that eSolve support SEF link as much as possible.

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