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IQ Retail eCommerce Integration

The eSolve system has been integrated to the IQ Business and IQ Enterprise accounting / ERP software packages. This means that if you have a retail or wholesale outlet and want to integrate your IQ system to a website for online sales or live catalogue, things just got a whole lot easier.

We Currently offer to means of integration to the IQ Retails platform.

1. Simple stock extraction with manual order capturing.

This options utilizes a software application developed in PHP that is installed on your IQ Server. This software in turn extracts data from the IQ database via an ODBC driver. Items are then pushed to the website allowing details such as the stock code, product name and description, stock onhand, pricing and even the stock images. Stock images are updated via FTP service. Updates are scheduled via Windows task scheduler. This integration is ideal for client where a simple cost effective integration is required.

2. Complex integration via the IQ API ( Application Interface )

This option utilizes our Java based eSolve update center software that in turn communicates with IQ via the IQ API. This integration has the advantage that you can import the Sales Orders placed online via the eSolve website directly into IQ Retail (Business or Enterprise). The software package has a built in task manager that allows it to run more frequently and unassisted. It can be configured as a windows service. This option uploads stock images from the IQ database directly to the website via a web service thus eliminating the need for an FTP account and related firewall configurations required.

- Stock details such as stock code, stock name, extended description, pricing, stock onhand and images can be placed online.
- Client accounts can also be synchronized

This method required the IQ API that can be purchased directly from IQ Retails. The API also has a monthly subscription fee.

If you then want to take your IQ products online, please contact us for further details.