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List of eSolve eCommerce Modules

Main features:

Content Management:

Online Shop:

  • Supports Unlimited Product / Line Items
    (* Subject to Pricing)
  • Multi-Level Category Support
    (min requirement: Category + Subcategory)
  • Related products and Cross Selling
  • Best Sellers, Most Popular Items
  • Featured Products, Latest Arrivals
  • Supports Wishlist for repeat shopping
  • Special and Discounts
  • Grouped Items (size / colour / content variations)
  • Email to a Friend (Product information with link)
  • Stock Dependencies
  • Stock Recipes
  • Bulk import of products (csv file)
  • Bulk export of products (csv file)
  • Wholesale Pricing Support
  • Shopping Cart Summary
  • Order Reporting and Management
  • User Order History & Wishlist
  • Predictive Product Search
  • Affiliates Tracking
  • Simple Checkout

Logistics and Geo-location:

  • Billing + Multiple Shipping Address Support
  • Shipping / Delivery Cost Recovery
  • Custom Courier Integration
  • Supports Local / Domestic and International Shipping
  • Free Delivery over x value purchased
  • Volumetric Weight Calculation
  • Price per Country Support
  • Multiple Currency Support (updated automatically)
  SEO and Social Media:


  • Product Image Thumbnails with Big Image view / zoom of products. Supports up to 5 additional images per product.
  • Accept real time Credit Card Payments (MyGate / VCS / PayPal)
  • Accept EFT payments
  • Tax / VAT Calculation
  • User Access Levels (Administrator)
  • Multiple Branch Support and Order Routing

  • Stand alone installation or add to existing site
  • Based on mySQL database & PHP
  • Hosted in South Africa on dedicated web servers - IIS7 managed.
  • 100% managed, Control Panel Web Administration.
  • Free Support.
  • Free updates, bug fixes & enhancements
  • Secure, reliable hosting
  • Proprietary Software (Customizable)
  • Fraud protection module (Email Account Verification)
  • Full SSL Support (https://) with dedicated IP address if required
  • Developed with the South African Business in mind.

Accounting Software:

  • Omni Accounts Integration
    (Stock Inventory including Stock Images, Sales Order Imports via Omni Automation Switch SF187 and Import Templates)
  • Integrity Trader (Stock Inventory Updates)
  • IQ Accounts (Stock Inventory & Image Updates)
  • Custom integrations on request
  • Offline capability, e.g. Sales Reps Ordering via Laptops or Tablet PC's remotely.

eSolve eCommerce has everything one would expect from an eCommerce Shopping Cart system except for an integrated invoicing and inventory control system. This is planned for future development, but up until now, all of our clients already have some sort of accounting software or line of business system in place like Omni Accounts.