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The Future of eCommerce in South Africa

It is clear that ecommerce in South Africa is on an exponential upward growth over the next few years.

The biggest area of growth is mobile. Google search statistics for South Africa indicate that mobile searches has superseded desktop searches.

The future for ecommerce websites in South Africa are those websites that are mobile compatible. There are two ways to achieve this, the trend has been over the passed 3 years to current has been to design a "responsive" website, i.e. - a website that automatically adjusts itself to fit on various screen sizes the website is being viewed on.

A few examples of fully responsive eCommerce websites built on eSolve eCommerce

The proper way to achieve this is to have an intelligent ecommerce website that auto detects the screen size the website is being viewed on and then to serve the website in the proper dimensions to suite the specific device for maximum end user website visitor experience.

To stay on top the game, the eSolve eCommerce web shop system developers have taken the latter ecommerce website design philosophy into account.

If you have been pondering about taking your existing business online or into the ecommerce realm or to start a new business, an online web store, you will need to consider choosing an ecommerce website service provider that can launch your online web shop into the mobile sphere.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information on how eSolve eCommerce can work for you.

For more information, here is an interesting read based on statistics from Google South Africa about the future of ecommerce in South Africa: